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Research Sources (Revised Edition)

Free Online Information Sources (Revised Edition)
Compiled by Dr. Gerald Siegel, York College of PA, York, PA, U.S.A.
(Visiting Professor, FON University, Skopje, MK, Spring 2010)

Wikipedia (limited usefulness for research, but can be a handy personal first stop)

ERIC (includes not only articles, but papers from professional conferences) free books (public domain materials)

Online Books Page of the University of Pennsylvania (public domain mainly primary materials)

University of North Carolina Library of Southern Literature

Project Gutenberg (public domain mainly primary materials)

University of Adelaide Library “E-book” collection (public domain mainly primary materials)

Wikisource (public domain mainly primary materials)

University of Virginia Library e-text center (public domain mainly primary materials)
Most free access materials will be at the library’s “Digital Collections” page.

FrontPage: University of Florida Free Online Reference Sources

American Literary History (online Oxford UP journal with free subscription for developing country ISPs)

Purdue Writing Lab Resources (includes MLA and APA guidelines)

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (offers help with writing skills; online free; charge for downloads)

Carnegie Mellon University Resources in Composition and Rhetoric

York College of Pennsylvania Schmidt Library (some limited resources available to guests; go to; click on academics; click on library; click on subject guides; click on English..
A direct link is ; the college main page is

A variety of useful American Literature resources is listed on the web pages of Prof. Donna M. Campbell of Washington State University. has links to specific groups of sources; is her home page. See the “about” tab for Prof. Campbell’s explanation about the use of these materials.

The Oxford Companion to American Literature (lists a variety of miscellaneous sources, although some are quite brief)

Central Michigan University Library English Language and Literature Resources (not all available to guest users)

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Quick Reference Sources (a variety of links)

British Literature and Anglophile Resources (a listing from the Wade Edwards Learning Lab in Raleigh, NC; intended for high school level, so some links may be a bit elementary; other links were no longer working when checked)

Free E-Books (Contains a warning about opening pop-ups; Australian site with an extensive list of links)

Academy of American Poets site—poetry and criticism, audio clips, teaching materials

American Memory provides access to items from the collections of the U.S. Library of Congress, one of the world’s top research libraries

Internet Archives. Film, media, texts and more. Describes itself as “a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.”

History Matters. “History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers
other useful materials for teaching U.S. history,” according to the site description.

American history materials and items from the works of author Studs Terkel. Presented by Chicago History Museum. Academy of American Poets. Texts, audio, video and more about and by U.S. poets.

One location for media items is NPR (National Public Radio) site. Useful source of American studies items, current events, and links to broadcasts.

The Atlantic home page is a source of information related to the magazine and its coverage..

U. S. newspapers provide a wealth of cultural information as well as news stories. Many have sites with free access or free registration. The Washington Post is one such source.

Documentary radio programs are available at another media information source,

Information of many types about different aspects of America and American culture.

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature: A Research and Reference Guide by Paul P. Reuben, who describes this site as “a research and reference tool” for “international readers” and “Americans who have no or limited access to university libraries and academic databases….” American literature links and information.

The Virtual Learning Resource Center has many useful links, including biographies and even a Cliffsnotes for 20th century poetry. The index is set up by author birthdates; to get information about William Carlos Williams, for example, you need to know that he was born between 1880 and 1890 (actually, 1883). You may need to install plug-ins to access all of the media at this site. is the general site; you’ll find literature sources at

Antigonish Review (a Canadian literary review):

Dr. Charles Phillips Links to English Courses and Resources. Dr. Phillips makes the following statement about his personal site: “I retired from teaching English at Southside Viriginia Community College in May 2007. However, I am leaving some of my course materials posted as they may be of help to students elsewhere.”

EasyBib: The Automatic Bibliography & Citation Maker. My U.S. students like this for documentation help.

Directory of Open Access Journals:

BNet (emphasizes items in mamagement):

Wikipedia’s list of free online journals

Open Access Journals in Education:

Google Scholar (beta version)—specialized search engine:

You’ll find addtitional materials from my classes at my Blogger web site

The following sites can be of special interest for teaching and for future teachers:

Linguistic Funland

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching). An exchange site.

MLA Handbook. (Free access for MLA members only)

Open Educational Resources Center for California (open access to texts). This seems good and gets an OK from the Yahoo safety check, but some of the links produce yahoo warnings, so be alert with this site.

Penguin/Signet—free teacher’s guides to selected works

Pearson Instructor and Student Pages—a number of publishers have such site, mainly for students and teachers using or ordering their texts, but sometimes with free materials too. This is Pearson’s higher education home page

And this is the Pearson instructor page.

Here’s the page for the Fulbright Scholar program.

Last updated 26 May 2010