Thursday, March 11, 2010

Peer Review of Reports and Proposals

Business Writing Short Report/ Proposal Draft Basic Peer Review

Draft written by (print): ____________________________________________________

Reviewed by (print): _____________________________________________ Date_______

_____1. Format, appearance, and related elements: effective document design that is appropriate for the task; correctness, spacing, margins, documentation, headings [or topic sentences serving same function]; paragraphing; visual aids; parts of report; format appropriate to purpose.

_____2. Diction/syntax: correct use of idiomatic English and specialized business vocabulary; word choice; correct, effective sentences; coherence within paragraphs, appropriate to audience, suitable level of formality/register.

_____3. Correctness: editing and proofreading: grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, usage.

_____4. Style: coherence between paragraphs and overall; conciseness; conversational yet professional style; reader sensitivity/appropriate tone; consistent tone; sense of audience; sense of context; courtesy; avoids belaboring the obvious; aids to readability (such as transitions).

_____5. Clarity: clear, effective organization that recognizes, but does not slavishly follow, organization of samples in task; unity--stresses relevant information and avoids irrelevancy; structure; completeness; contains all necessary parts/ documents; logical, thorough development of ideas; adapts general report and proposal concepts to the specific situation; support of generalizations.

_____6. General impression upon reader and overall response to draft: correct content--relevance to assigned task/topic; realistic, defensible handling of task problem; professionalism; maturity and originality of approach; value of content; appropriate level of development and length overall.

Additional suggestions and critique information should go below or on reverse side.

For each area, weight the skills thus: 5=Mastery of writing skills; outstanding and no problems; 4=Sound command of writing skills; very good; acceptable business quality; may have limited or minor problems that don’t affect meaning; 3=adequate writing skills; for teaching purposes, but not business quality; one or two major problems or a group of minor problems need further attention; 2=limited writing skills and competency, multiple problems and/or frequent minor problems; 1=minimal writing skills and competency, but attempts the skills listed; 0=weak writing skills; lacks competency in this area.
Last updated March 2010